How to Get the Crazy Out

If you’re here wondering what you can do about your 1 star reviewers on the ALL-CAPS-LOCK all-stars, you’re better off leaving those guys alone. Our MIT nerds have crunched the numbers, and they found a high correlation between those kinds of reviewers and self-inflicted wounds.

Fortunately for you, reviewers who’ve mastered the lowercase keystroke write the vast majority of reviews. These folks are worth listening to & engaging because they’re the ones who’ve made review sites 1) powerful marketing channels and 2) valuable sources of customer feedback.

Reviews Impact Sales

By now, you probably know that online reviews influence store visits and purchasing decisions. But what you may be unaware of is the quantified impact that reviews have on sales. A number of studies, across a variety of industries on businesses large and small, have reached similar conclusions:

The bottom line is that there is a bottom line.

Engaging Reviewers Makes a Difference

One of the most effective, organic ways for improving your reviews is engaging your reviewers.

By responding to negative reviews, you give yourself the chance to get unhappy reviewers to change/edit/delete their review and win them back as customers. And by responding to positive ones, you build customer loyalty and increase the chance of repeat visits.

In both cases, engaging reviewers works in your favor:

“7 in 10 survey respondents indicated that a brand’s response to an online consumer review changes their perception of a brand, according to a study done by Bazaarvoice .”

Based on conversations we’ve had with businesses, we can confirm these findings. In fact, some Reputology customers have even gone on record to state that they can get 90% of their unhappy reviewers to change their mind .

A few factors can impact the success rate of your engagements, but one of the most important is the speed of your response because the chances of making contact drops off dramatically within minutes.

Reviews Yield Actionable Insights

Although the crazies get the most attention, their rants only represent a small fraction of the total review volume. (We know because we’ve analyzed the data).

Most reviews are not so extreme in nature and contain useful customer feedback that can make your business better. For example, the national housekeeping company - Homejoy - turned feedback from reviews into a product improvement:

“By using Reputology to closely monitor all the different reviews that come in, we were able to identify a trend in clients wanting to leave a tip for their cleaner online, so we worked with our product team to make this feature and make it happen.”

Lauren McCown, Customer Solutions Manager

And an 11-store restaurant chain analyzed their reviews to discover that their customers weren’t happy about their bread being cold. So they installed heaters in every restaurant that not only put an end to those negative reviews but led to positive ones about the warmth of their bread.

And That’s Why Reputology Works

Reputology gives your team the ability to engage reviewers promptly wherever reviews are being written. And Reputology makes it easy to analyze your customer’s comments to identify opportunities for improvement. Key features include:

  • Customized Email Alerts so that your team can respond quickly.
  • Single Dashboard to monitor multiple review sites for all your storefronts.
  • Workflow Tool to keep tabs on your team's response.
  • Analytics to track performance at the organization, regional and storefront level.
  • Automated Summary Reports to help inform decisions with the voice of your customer.
  • Customer Feedback Integration so that you can collect all online feedback in a single place.
  • Integrate Seamlessly with other services you are using today, like Hootsuite.

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