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Leverage Reviews to Grow the Top and Bottom-line

Listen everywhere

Google, Facebook, industry-specific review sites, online surveys, feedback forms & more. Monitor everything your customers are saying about your organization, from one easy-to-use interface.

Respond quickly

24/7 monitoring gives you the ability to engage reviewers quickly and address unhappy customers with timely service. Customizable email alerts ensure issues get escalated to the right team members.

Reveal customer insights

Identify new business opportunities and address the root causes of customer complaints. Reputology analyzes the unstructured content in the feedback so that you can spot recurring and trending topics.

Turn happy customers into promoters

In 1 click, your satisfied customers can improve your online reputation. Reputology generates surveys with logic for automatically routing happy customers to write reviews & unhappy customers directly to your team.

Manage your reviews efficiently

Keep tabs on how your team is following up on reviews with our workflow tools. Reputology makes review management a streamlined process by converting your reviews into customer service tickets.

Track and measure performance

Analyze trends, measure KPI, and set quantifiable goals around improving reputation and customer experience. Our advanced modules allow your team to dive deeper to understand customer behavior.


Review Monitoring

Reputology’s fully automated, around-the-clock review tracking platform monitors reviews on all the important sites as well as industry-specific ones important to your business. Reputology makes managing reviews across multiple locations simple, and you can customize the dashboard view to suit local operators, the head office and anyone in between.

Customer Feedback

Collect and manage feedback at key points in the customer experience so that you can understand what’s working (and what isn’t) and make improvements to your business. Reputology also helps you identify who’s happy and who’s not and automates the process for turning happy customers into promoters and responding to unhappy customers quickly.

Text Analytics

Discover what’s driving positive and negative customer sentiment. The Text Analytics module analyzes the free form text in reviews and feedback and displays the results in Word Cloud reports so you can easily identify recurring themes and trends. Reputology turns improving the customer experience into a quantifiable and measurable process for your organization.

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