Get These Benefits

Respond Quickly

Get time sensitive email alerts. Reputology scans customer feedback for negative experiences. Your team receives an email notification so that they can act fast.

Monitor Multiple Locations

Reputology gives you enterprise-level reporting and management tools, so you have visibility on what customers are saying and how your team is responding across the entire organization.

Identify Improvements

Uncover recurring issues that are impacting your organization. Reputology aggregates and analyzes your customers’ comments so that you can identify and address the source of the problem.

Track Your Performance

Gain insight on your key performance metrics. Reputology’s analytics makes it easy for you to spot trends and compare store performance.

Capture V.O.C.

Gather customer feedback in an automated fashion. Reputology makes it simple and easy to integrate the Voice of the Customer into your decision making process.

Benchmark Against Competitors

Know your competition better than they know themselves. Reputology measures their performance and lets you understand how your business stacks up.

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