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Automate How You Get More Feedback & Reviews

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of the Customer

Our flexible surveys allow you to poll customers at key interaction points using your current tools: CRM, email marketing, booking, etc. By collecting customer feedback on a continual basis, you can address unhappy customers before they vent their frustrations publicly.

Pinpoint the Source of Customer Complaints

Fully customizable questionnaires give you the ability to dig deeper on any topic that is top of mind and get a better understanding of what your customer really thinks. Create any variety of question templates and get them to your different customer segments.

Respond to developing issues in real time

Reputology sends email alerts immediately when feedback is submitted so that your team can resolve issues quickly. The faster you respond, the more likely you can win back an unhappy customer.


Customer service responds quickly

This is an invaluable tool that helps us make sure we are providing the best customer service, and addressing problems immediately.

Ken M., Director of Marketing, Tellus360

On-site managers prioritize their efforts

We use Reputology in a way that is really, really, really wonderful. I get an email every morning, and I kind of plan my day that way.

Jonathan G, General Manager, Hillstone Restaurant Group

Leadership gets visibility

We are a hotel management company with 40+ hotels. Our executives could keep track of what was being said about our hotels on-the-go which was very useful. Nora M, Corp Communications Mgr, DHM

Learn how leading companies in Marketing, Auto, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality & other industries use Reputology to gather feedback and surface actionable insights.

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