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Attack the source of the issue
(so negative reviews don’t show up in the first place)

Spot trends ahead of time

Get proactive about the customer experience and tackle upcoming issues before they become serious.

Easy-to-understand analytics

Customizable Word Cloud reports allow you to capture everything that’s driving customer sentiment in a snapshot.

Reduce wasted hours in Excel

Let Text Analytics do the work for you & put your team to better use. The timing savings alone gives you a quick ROI.

A solution that aligns your entire team around
improving customer experience

Customer service responds quickly

This is an invaluable tool that helps us make sure we are providing the best customer service, and addressing problems immediately.

Ken M., Director of Marketing, Tellus360

Operations pinpoints the cause

Reputology acts as a gauge on how we are doing, letting us know whether or not employees are doing their job well. It helps point out key areas where we are—-or aren’t—doing well, based on customer responses.
Megan L, Director of Marketing, FSRG

Leadership gets visibility

We are a hotel management company with 40+ hotels. Our executives could keep track of what was being said about our hotels on-the-go which was very useful. Nora M, Corp Communications Mgr, DHM

Join the leading companies in hospitality, food & beverage, healthcare, auto, fitness and more
who have made text analytics a competitive advantage

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