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Leverage Reviews to Grow the Top and Bottom-line

24/7 Review Monitoring

Google, Facebook and local search directories, employee review sites, app directories, etc. Track reviews written about your locations, products and services, from 1 easy-to-use dashboard.

Respond Quickly from the Platform

Over 80% of consumers expect a response within 24 hours of their online post. Get automated email notifications to stay on top of new reviews and reply directly from the Reputology interface.

Analyze Customer Sentiment

Wait times too long? Toilets clogged? Is the new hire Dwight abrasive? Attack the root cause of complaints. Our semantic analysis technology converts the unstructured content from reviews & feedback into actionable data.

Aggregate All Feedback in 1 Place

Get a holistic view of the customer experience so that your team can become proactive about addressing concerns & making improvements. Our flexible, customizable surveys allow you to gather feedback on an ongoing basis.

Keep Tabs on How Reviews Are Managed

Track how your team is following up on & responding to reviews with our native workflow tool. Reputology also lets you escalate issues to the right team members so that your team can deliver top shelf customer service.

Measure Performance

Reputology’s reporting and analytics allows you to gauge your KPI, spot trends, and compare storefronts at a glance. Our intuitive graphs, charts and scorecards make it easy to diagnose any changes in performance.

How to respond to negative reviews

Responding to negative reviews is already an intimidating task, even if you're experienced at dealing with unhappy customers. Turning this into a scale-able process for your entire organization can be even more daunting. But consistency is key for having a high-quality response, escalation and resolution.

We've put together a decision tree to help guide your team through the common scenarios for handling a negative review and share less-obvious winning tactics. It's based on the best practices we've observed working with industry leaders in healthcare, hospitality, retail, entertainment, automotive, etc.

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